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Nittnaus 'Anita' Red Blend, Burgenland, Austria 2018
$17.00 USD
Franck Balthazar 'Perjak', Vin de France NV
$25.00 USD
Markus Altenburger 'Vom Kalk', Blaufränkisch, Burgenland, Austria 2019
$21.00 USD
Fattoria San Lorenzo ‘Il Casolare’, Marche Bianco IGT, Italy 2021
$17.00 USD
Coquus Cinsault, Itata Valley, Chile 2021
$23.00 USD

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Wheather you want to take a deeper dive behind the juice in your glass, or simply enjoy a few glasses of tasty wine with great company, check out our personalized wine sessions or our bi-weekly sessions.

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Laherte Frères 'Ultradition' Brut Champagne, France NV
from $35.00 USD
Domaine de la Pépière 'Les Gras Moutons' Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie, France 2021
$23.00 USD
Craven Cabernet Sauvignon, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2020
$37.00 USD
Antoine Arena 'Morta Maio', Patrimonio Rouge, Corsica, France 2014
$44.00 USD
Yann Bertrand 'Vielles Vignes', Fleurie, France 2020
$47.00 USD


With years of hands-on work within the four walls of some of Manhattan’s top restaurants, including Michelin Star restaurant experience, we are well equipped to guide you through an array of beverage situations including, but not limited to, individualized wine pairings, curating the cellar of your dreams, or corporate gifting.

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