One Kourt Studio offers nationwide FedEx Carrier rates, $15 flat rate shipping for orders $200+ to select New York State Counties & free delivery to local North Fork addresses between Orient Point & Cutchogue with order over $85.

Please see our shipping policy for more detailed information.

If you are interested in a wine purchase during extreme weather conditions (excess heat or cold) we will hold your purchased wine free of charge until shipping conditions are more appropriate.

All alcohol related deliveries require adult signature at delivery by law, therefore, by selecting the shipping option, you are complying with the US Federal Law drinking age of 21+.

One Kourt Studio offers delivery, through Fedex, to 17 of the following national locations including New York.  Shipping rates are calculated via FedEx at check out. If your location is NOT listed here, please reach out to us directly & we can help you find the proper carrier: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, & Wyoming.

We offer local delivery between Orient Point & Cutchogue. All local delivery orders are next day delivery. $85 Minimum.

We offer $15 flat rate economy shipping (5 business days), for orders $200+, through a shipping carrier of our choice, to the following New York State Counties: Nassau, Kings, Queens, New York & Bronx. You are welcome to choose the FedEx Carrier Rate if you would like to receive the order in a more timely fashion. Once your order is placed, you will receive all necessary tracking information.

In the case of all of the above, ALL orders are processed next day, EXCEPT, orders placed FRIDAY, will be processed Monday. One Kourt Studio does not process orders Saturday though Sunday.  One Kourt Studio is NOT legally permitted to ship any spirits outside of the State of New York.

We will not ship orders if we suspect inclement weather. Inclusive of storms, excessive heat, excessive cold. We will reach out immediately if we suspect the above. We will hold your order here at One Kourt Studio, free of charge until the weather turns around.

For all purchases to be shipped, you hereby authorize us to transfer your purchased items to a third party shipping company. You hereby agree to take sole responsibility for complying with all laws regarding receiving such purchases goods. Title to, and ownership of, all alcoholic beverages passes from One Kourt Studio to buyer in the State of New York, which is why we charge New York State sales tax.

States impose limitations on the quantity of alcoholic beverages which may be purchased and brought into their jurisdiction without requiring the purchaser, the seller or the shipper to possess certain licenses or permits. One Kourt Studio, does NOT, as a condition of sale, assume any obligation nor bear any responsibility whatsoever for applying for or obtaining any such permits or licenses. Therefore, you are strongly advised to investigate such limitations and to determine the manner in which alcoholic beverages may lawfully be brought into states other than New York. Your are responsible for all applicable excise, use and sales taxes due to your state related to the purchase of any taxable goods.

One Kourt Studio makes no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship wines into any state outside of New York. The Buyer is solely responsible for the shipment of wines and is responsible for any loss or damage to goods once they have left our premises. By placing an order, you authorize One Kourt Studio to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you.

One Kourt Studio offers local delivery from Orient Point to Cutchogue. Local delivery minimum is $85+. All local delivery orders will be delivered next day. All local delivery under $85 is subject to a $25 delivery fee.

Well, sort of. If you're a local, please see our local wine drop!

We also offer a three bottle drop for $90 pre tax, inclusive of shipping.

As always, we are all about education and would love to have deep conversations about flavors, terroir, and everything about what you love to drink. We have an extensive background in guiding our customers to happiness when deciding on fun and cheerful wine and spirits. Lets us know what you like! Contact us here.

Yes, we offer digital gift cards that are sent via email. Please check our GiftCard Section.

We accept returns as follows:If the wine is less than 10 years old and it is corked, you may return it to us for a full refund or exchange within 1 week (7 days) of purchase. You must provide proof of purchase, including the bottle in question. For wines older than 10 years, the consumer bears the risk of a faulty cork. We generally do not accept the return of unopened wines or spirits as we are unaware of how they were stored once they left the store. We pride ourselves in the authenticity of our products and knowing where they have been before they join our shelves. Under no circumstances do we accept the return of opened spirits.

Yes we do! Corked wine is terrible. Please return the wine with in 1-2 days with a receipt, and we will exchange it for a fresh bottle…and always please reach out to us at One Kourt Studio’s Showroom or digitally on any platform.

One Kourt studio offers a 10% disocunt on cases of wine/spirits in store. A disocunt will not be applied to custom* orders, even if they meet the 12 bottles case discount. We reserve the right to withhold additional discounts to rare bottles of wine & or spirits.

Under no circumstances does One Kourt Studio apply multiple discounts to one single purchase.

One Kourt Studio does not apply discount codes post purchase.  Discount can be applied to future purchases with One Kourt Studio.  

*custom orders are special orders. Wines that need to be speical ordered. Wines we do not have readily avilable in the store.