3-Pack Totes

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    Our 3-Pack Totes are designed for the curious imbiber...let us choose for you!
    Our producer focused 3-Pack totes are designed to explore the wines of some of our favorite winemakers.  There is a reason we carry more than one of their wines.  Because we love what they do that much.  It is the equivalent to receiving a 10% discount than if you were to purchase all three one their lonesome.
    Go ahead, explore with us. 
    3 products
    The Light and Fruity Morning, Noon, & Night - 3 bottle Tote
    $60.00 USD
    The I Will Try Anything Because I Am So Adventurous - 3 bottle Tote
    $80.00 USD
    It’s Big & Bold, So Isn’t It Obvious I Love Powerful Wines - 3 bottle Tote
    $110.00 USD
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