About Us

Kimberly Cavoores

Most recently hailing from Brooklyn, but with passport stamps to prove her landing in Greenport was one unparalleled journey, Kimberly Cavoores has a proven track record for inspiring the uninspired.

After graduating from Boston University, Cavoores stayed in Boston to work for James Beard Award winning chefs Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer before heading to New York in 2012. Under the guidance of Paul Grieco and Aviram Turegman, Kimberly fell deeply in love with the idea of becoming a true wine and hospitality professional. Under such tutelage, Kimberly became a poised and notable sommelier at Terroir Wine Bar, Hearth, and Café d’Alsace throughout her early years in New York City.

Kimberly’s unconditional desire to self educate - lured her across the world to work as a cellar hand in Australia. She proceeded to jet off to Napa to catch one more harvest that year before she was snapped up in early 2016, by Hedges Family Estate in Washington State. Here Kimberly led sales and focused her efforts on pushing the boundaries for commercial initiatives. Countless flights and memorable conversations about the world of wines, drew Kimberly back to restaurants.

She developed her love for the wines of Piedmont and Sicily within the walls of Danny Meyer's Maialino and Marta restaurants before diving deep into Burgundy at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

As a sommelier at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the awarded 28th Best Restaurant in the World, as well as garnering two Michelin stars, Kimberly was able to work with a profound worldly wine list with a deep selection of Burgundy, both young and old, while growing a strong affinity for the importance of regenerative agriculture.

After carving up successful accolades working with progressive and innovative wine programs, it was only natural Kimberly wanted to deepen her genuine love for education and sustainability. Her discerning eye for aesthetics, enthusiastic palate, and unconditional desire to mentor - makes her the obvious choice as Founder of One Kourt Studio.