An Exquisite Line Up of 2021s from Peter Veyder-Malberg

I cannot help but smile when I remember the first time I tasted Peter Veyder-Malberg's wines. After my first sip, my eyes widened. I was speechless. A mineral elegance danced joyfully across my tongue, harmoniously adjoining the wine's purity of fruit and structural grace. I was wowed when I realized the wine's subtleties were achievable only through the devotion and intuitive care of Veyder-Malberg for his craft. I am honored to be able to offer the highly anticipated 2021 vintage from Peter Veyder-Malberg, one of my favorite winemakers in Austria's Wachau. With production at about 1,000 cases a year, I am lucky to be able to offer this solid collection.

Veyder-Malberg does not hail from a lineage of great Austrian winemakers. Formerly the budget director at an advertising agency, he now rescues dangerously steep, abandoned, old vine vineyards on the terraced slopes of the Danube River from being torn up.

Veyder-Malberg cultivates his vineyards using a meticulous blend of organic and biodynamic viticultural practices. He believes he can create a more vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that allows each microorganism to play its crucial role in maintaining the health of his crops. In the cellar, all fermentation techniques are natural but with a very watchful eye to maintain crystalline purity. Non-interventionist doesn't mean lazy.

While Veyder-Malberg's wine journey may lack a little 'bling', his wines are undeniably exceptional. To sum up their quality, I would confidently say "awe-inspiring." In a vintage such as 2021, I suggest investing in several bottles of these wines to keep in your cellar. They are sure to provide years of pleasure.

Kimberly xo

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Gruner Veltliner 'Liebedich' 2021 $43

Liebedich, is Peter puts it, "is authentic Wachau Grüner Veltliner, representing the typical characteristics of the region and the vintage in a ‘drinking animating’ way." For a village level wine Liebedich expresses fine precision, intense mineral qualities, and impressive complexity. Aged 5 months in stainless.

Gruner Veltliner 'Hochrain' 2021 $72

Hochrain is a site composed of deep loess soil. A true representation of terroir influencing the wine showing notes of yellow orchard fruits, ginger, white pepper and almond skin. Aged for 6 months in old 1500-liter barrels.

Riesling 'Schöner' 2021 $74 Schöner is a bit of an outlier, as it only boasts 9% abv and 50 g/l residual sugar. Think Riesling Spätlese here. A juicy & balanced Riesling with exceptionally fresh acidity.

Riesling 'Elsarner Brandstatt' Riesling 2021 $131 Brandstatt is a recultivation project in the Spitzer Graben, the coolest area of the Wachau, at about 450 m above sea level. The originally neglected mica slate vineyard was gradually replanted with Riesling after the walls were repaired. This is a wine of finesse and delicacy. Yellow fruits, white flowers & perfectly ripe stone fruit aromas give this wine impressive length and complexity. Aged in 300-liter old oak barrels (3 total) until the end of winter then put in stainless steel for another 6 months

Riesling 'Buschenberg' Riesling 2021 $131 The Buschenberg vineyard is located east of the Klaus reed and is relatively unknown. Buschenberg is a powerful Riesling, a wine for the cellar. Power & structured minerality underlay notes, of yellow fruit & peach with an impressive back bone of acidity. Aged for 9 months in 640-liter Stockinger acacia barrels. Peter’s experience is the acacia wood helps to lift the fruitiness of Riesling.

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