North Fork Movers and Shakers: Southold Cider Co. & Floral Terranes

You may not be familiar with Southold Cider Co. & just beginning to discover the glory that is Floral Terranes.  Both operations began as garage projects, one still is.  But one thing is certain, both have caught the attention of those in search of what is new and different.

 Southold Cider Co. produces a collection of cider ranging from their bone-dry lip smackingly delicious rosé cider made with New York apples from the North Fork of Long Island and organic blueberries all the way to a cider fermented with Jalapeño!  Meanwhile, Floral Terranes is taking an old-world approach.  They focus on grapes harvested at Macari Vineyards and an anonymous, very secret “backyard vineyard” near Orient, very far east on the North Fork. The apples are essentially foraged, with the blessing of the landowners of course. The apples are pressed with a simple basket press; most of the grapes are just gently trodden by foot. All fermentations are carried out exclusively by natural yeasts, in various barrels and glass jars of different sizes. Absolutely nothing is added or taken away to the juice. It is bottled, by hand, with very low doses of sulfur, in Erik’s garage / cellar in Rosyln. 

What they have in common:
There are no rules except to be as minimally invasive as possible using the best ingredients.
Neither own land nor fruit.  Everything is sourced through good relationships and trust.
Nothing added, and nothing taken away.
All agricultural bounty is sourced from the North Fork of Long Island.
Production in MINUSCULE. They are released once a year.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

We are stoked to have receive our first drop of Southold Cider Co. & Floral Terranes joins the shelves tomorrow but are available for purchase starting today in our pre-arrivals section.  We encourage you to try these wines & ciders.  See for yourself why these two producers are shaking things up here on the North Fork.

Happy Sipping.

Floral Terranes

Southold Cider Co.