Thirst Down: Our Favorite Game Day Noshes & Wine

Super Bowl Sunday is here!

Extra cheesy Nachos.  BBQ Wings.  The million-foot-long Italian sub.  What is the Super Bowl without these nosh-worthy delicacies?  Sure, you could drink Buds all day or crush high noons until you pass out, but why not awaken the taste buds with a few gulpable yet food-friendly wines?  Below you will find our go-to game day snacks alongside our favorite wines.  Go football!

Extra Cheesy Nachos

Nachos are a bright dish, quite high in acid, but then smother them in cheese, and you are adding a creamy element.  Top it with some herbs to add a pop of green freshness.   When it comes down to it, Nachos can be quite a complex dish, so there are a few options.  A chilled and fruity Lambruso would bode well with this dish, especially if you add chicken or beef.  A cool crisp Sauvignon Blanc would be the perfect companion to cheesy nachos topped with cilantro and a side of sour cream.  


Opera Lambrusco NV $20

Sandy Cove, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc $17

Bailly-Reverdy Sancerre 2021 $31

BBQ Wings

Would it even be the Super Bowl without BBQ wings?  We think not.  Offset the sweetness of the BBQ sauce with a bottle of Cabernet Franc.  A nice chill is always welcome here. 


Domaine de Geslets 'Les Geslets' Bourgueil 2020 $19 

Olga Raffault 'Les Peuilles' Chinon 2018 $30

The Italian Sub

I worked as a sommelier at the Italian powerhouse Maialino for many years, slinging Italian wine night after night.  On most nights, my colleagues would retreat home post-shift to enjoy a deli sub accompanied by a chalice of whatever thirst-quenching wine they had lying around.  Therefore, given their experience in the deli subs and wine field, it was only appropriate to ask the professionals for their Italian sub wine pairing.

There was a unanimous call for LIGUIRAN WHITE WINE and Lambrusco as a close second.  But if you are craving some red, try this light-bodied red, Groppello, from Lombardy.  It is only fitting given the region is famous for its bresaola.


Bruna 'Maje' Pigato 2021 $25 

Bruna Vermentino 2021 $30

Pasini San Giovanni 'Il Valtenesi' Lombardy 2020 $23


Opera Lambrusco NV $20

If you want to know what we are drinking all day, the answer is always bubbles :)


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!