Value Driven Burgundy is not Dead

Raymond Dupont-Fahn & Jean-Philippe Fichet

Last week, after sharing a bottle of Raymond Dupont-Fahn 'Chaumes des Perrieres', Bourgogne, France 2019 with friends, I knew that value in Burgundy was not dead. You just have know where to look.

There are two producers in Burgundy whose value cannot be beat. Yes, all these wines are still over $40, but they are absolutely worth every penny. Both Dupont-Fahn & Fichet are located within the village of Meursault producing wines varying stylistically but both maintaining precision and seeking expression of terroir.

Raymont Dupont-Fahn is 5th generation of this stellar under the radar property. He has worked closely with his father and grandfather from an early age. In just a short career as winemaker he has produced some stunningly great wines from humble appellations Auxey and Bourgogne. After his "Bac d'Oenologie" diploma at 21, he started to manage his own Domaine of five hectares in 2001. Raymond does not use pesticides in the vines, he does not chaptalize his wines, he usually chooses to harvest on the early side to achieve wines with greater acidity and less alcohol. He is not afraid of a little oak but pick a little earlier, which is where his style varies from that of Fichet.

Jean-Philippe Fichet is one of our favorite wine makers in Burgundy. He tends his vines from dusk 'til dawn & one of the early adopters of focus on the lieu-dits of Meursault. He believes in waiting to pick at just the right time as some vignerons are leaning towards an earlier harvest. His wines are a true delight. Terroir driven & intensely expressive.

Try one, try them all, just try them.