All Things Big & Bold

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    These are the biggest and boldest white and red wines in our little 800 square foot wine haven.  These wines are meaty and full bodied.  The whites are creamy and buttery.  Stick with a classic or try something new!
    5 products
    Birichino 'Saint Georges' Zinfandel, Central Coast, California 2021
    $30.00 USD
    Borgo del Tiglio Bianco, Collio, Friuli, Italy 2021
    $45.00 USD
    Monier-Perréol 'Terre Blanche' St. Joseph, France 2021
    $78.00 USD
    Monier-Perréol Saint-Joseph, France 2021
    $57.00 USD
    Dudognon, 20 Year 'Vieille Réserve' Grande Champagne, Cognac, France
    $92.00 USD
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