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    Let's talk Cabernet Franc. One grape variety wine professionals continuously boast about is Cabernet Franc, and every year it seemingly falls on deaf ears. Cabernet Franc is pushed aside for its more noble son, Cabernet Sauvignon, & lord knows how much Sauvignon Blanc (Cabernet Sauvignon's other parent) is consumed every year. But what about Cabernet Franc? Maybe it is the delicate earthy aromas & slightly vegetal complexities that turn off the American palate? Whatever it may be, I think Cabernet Franc deserves a moment in the limelight.

    Perhaps you were served a poor example of Cabernet Franc once & swore it off forever. I don't blame you. Some of you may really not like Cabernet Franc, & this is OK. With that being said, if you have only experienced this grape once, give it a second chance. One Kourt Studio carries many Cabernet Franc, and they all taste different. We encourage you to try one.

    What You Should Know

    Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc are the parent grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon. And one thing is for certain, we sell GALLONS more of Cabernet Sauvignon & and Sauvignon Blanc than we do Cabernet Franc.

    Cabernet Franc thrives in cool inland climates, such as Anjou-Saumur & Touraine in the Loire Valley. You will also find some tasty examples being grown here in New York.

    Cabernet Franc has medium tannin, bright acidity, flavors of raspberry, florals & spice.

    It is versatile. Depending on the wine, you can chill it, enjoy it with chicken wings, savory mushroom dishes, braised short ribs, grilled vegetables... the list goes on!

    Wines produced by top notch producers have incredible aging potential.

    Ask your local wine professional. They will help you find the perfect bottle for the occasion.


    About 7 years ago, I enjoyed a bottle of Olga Raffault 'Les Picasses' Chinon 1979, & it was one of the most divine bottles of wine. When the bottle was finished, my friend and I looked to the wine list for a follow up. The only correct answer was a second bottle. So go on, give Cabernet Franc a second chance.



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