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    Over the weekend of Sept 25th, I hosted One Kourt Studio's second pop up wine bar. The regional focus was Corsica, a region I totally have a soft spot for. Every wine professional/enthusiast has that region that makes them feel all the feels, whether that be a sense of adventure or a warm fuzzy feeling. Corsica is my warm fuzzy feeling wine region. Although I have enjoyed many of the wines served at the pop up within the past few years or months, there was one producer in particular who's wines blew me away with their versatility, propensity to age, and downright deliciousness. It is for this reason Clos Canarelli is considered one of Corsica's top winemaking properties.
    What You Should Know
    Clos Canarelli is located at the southern tip of Corsica in Tarrabuccetta, with holdings in Figari and Bonifacio, Corsica oldest vine growing region.
    The property has five villas, so you can also book a stay.
    Yves Canarelli enjoys experimenting with egg-shaped cement tanks (modern-day amphorae) and whole cluster fermentations. Figari Amphora Blanc is 100% Vermentino with the energy of Riesling, it was the wine of the evening for me this past weekend.
    Farming is biodynamic.
    Their olive oil is outstanding.
    The Canarelli's are not adorned with dreamy story & they haven't been farming the land for hundreds of years. What they have been doing since their inception fifty years ago, is treating the land with respect & producing products of exceptional quality. You will find individual descriptions & pairings of the wines below. I hope you will enjoy these wines as much as I do.
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