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    Maison MC Thiriet is a newish micro-négociant created by Matt Chittick and Camille Thiriet. Their vision became a reality with their 2016 vintage.  Camille and Matt met while working for Nicolas Potel at the Domaine de Bellene.  Their current operation is now based out of based out of Château de Comblanchien.  While working at Domaine de Bellane they were able to forge a relationship with over 75 growers throughout Burgundy, an essential aspect to laying the ground work for what lay a head.

    Before we dive in a bit, a quick refresher on what a négociant is.  A négociant is a purchaser of grapes, or must (unfermented wine), in an effort to produce a wine under a label other than that of the grower, to then sell. Most of these are large scale operations making less than artisanal wines.  Names such as Bouchard Père et Files, Maison Joseph Drouhin, & Louis Jadot are all example of negociants, although they also own their own vineyards.  These large scale négociant wineries do not produce bad wine, they are actually some of the most historic and important properties in burgundy.  Their Grand Cru wines still speak to a place and represent a vintage.  However, the likes of micro-negociants such as Chanterêves, JM Roulot, and Les Heritiers du Comtes Lafon have already proven you do not need to be a large scale operation to be a négociants & all négociants are certainly not created equal.  These small scale operations are just that, smaller, with an extreme focus on micro plots and terroir for even the smallest plots of land.  Matt & Camille have gone in search of terroir.

    Thiriet’s production is small, and by small we are talking 4,000 bottles. That is 333.3333 cases of wine a year. Not much opportunity to screw it up. The two are thoughtful and precise in the cellar. Sorting is an essential part of the process, but the best fruit is essential. These wines should not be approached as simple Bourgogne wines, although they are labeled as such. Thiriet makes serious wines, expressive of terroir. We are lucky enough to receive two offerings from Maison MC Thiriet this year.

    Maison MC Thiriet ‘Cuvée Confidentielle’, Chardonnay, Burgundy, France 2020
    The name of the cuvée is a reference to the size of the plot, it is so small it’s practically a secret. The vineyard is located in Petit Chablis and the soil is clay and limestone based.  This is about 20% new oak used here.  The wines have a textural component balanced by a subtle note of oak and baking spice but wrapped in a robe of white flowers, pear, and citrus. The finish is lengthily. An exceptional bottle of wine.

    Maison MC Thiriet 'Aux Montagnes' Côte de Nuit-Villages, Burgundy, France 2020
    50 years old organic vineyard located in Comblanchien.  Vines are from mid-slope.  20% destemmed.
    In 2020 the duo used 20% new oak from Rousseau.

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