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    • About OKS Wine Sessions

      Understanding great wine can be daunting.  Appreciating great wine should be one of the most pleasurable parts of your evening or day.  One Kourt Studio wants to help you understand the wines you love, encouraging a more frequent appreciation for the hard work that goes into a bottle of wine. Our sommelier-led wine sessions will help you uncover wine you never knew you enjoyed & help you articulate what you do and or maybe don’t like about a particular style of wine.  Regardless of the reasoning behind expanding your palate, we want to make wine approachable and dare we say fun, showcasing some of the world’s great wines.  Remember, wine is fun. 

    • Private Session FAQs

      Where: The comfort of your own home, with as many friends as you like. 

      How: Zoom or in-person.  In-person sessions can only be done at a location between Orient Point & Cutchogue.

      When: We will decide on a date together.

      What: A sixty minute wine session led by either Mayara or Kimberly (our founder).  Mayara or Kimberly will help you choose a topic.  Whether it is a wine region you love or a grape you want to explore, we are here to guide you through a tasting.

      Cost option 1: We will come to you.  $300 pre-tax. Wine not included, must be purchased separately.

      Cost option 2: Zoom.  $200 pre-tax. Wine & shipping are not included, and must be purchased separately.  Pick-up is available free of charge. 

      Who: Classes are instructed by Kimberly Cavoores, One Kourt Studio founder.  Please head to our about page for more on Kimberly.

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