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    The Dancer family owned vines in Burgundy long before the name was associated with great wine. Vincent Dancer was a transplant from Alsace, who moved to Chassagne-Montrachet after his father suggested that he tend the five plus hectares himself instead of renting them out to cousins. Vincent had studied engineering in school, and managed to translate that meticulous mindset and scientific understanding to his management of the cellar and vineyards. 

    He soon converted the estate to organic practices, and was alone in doing so in a part of Burgundy where other growers had been relying on synthetic sprays. Vincent inspired others to follow in his footsteps, but is still in the minority of organic producers in Chassagne-Montrachet. In the cellar he gently coaxes the maximum expression out of his fruit with precise low-intervention techniques, native yeasts and natural malo, long elevage, and no fining or filtration.

    Vincent's son, Theo, inherited his father's love of wine and devotion to organic viticulture in his own vineyards, and since 2021 has taken over production of the Vincent Dancer wines in addition to his own eponymous line and his Roc Breia vineyard. 

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