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     Our September drop is a trio of wines that could not be more different.  The only commonality shared amongst them is regional obscurity.  Our journey begins in California’s small up and coming wine region Edna Valley.  Next, we hop across the pond to Italy.  First Cirò, a region in Calabria home to a about 50 wineries.  We will be making our final stop in Carso, a region straddling both Slovenia and Italy known for its iron and limestone rich soils.

    It is difficult not to envy the lives of the winemakers and growers here at One Kourt Studio.  Their lives sound so dreamy.  Gina Giugni’s life is certainly no different than some of our favorite European vignerons.  She is a young, fearless, & on a mission to change the world through agriculture.  She grew up on a biodynamic ranch, Narrow Gate Vineyards, in the Sierra Foothills of California & now makes wine from a 6.5 acres on the Central Coast of California utilizing regenerative, biodynamic farming practices in pursuit of making wines that speak of place.  Ummm, total swoon.

    While Calabria is not chock full of wineries, this wild landscape is the home to a few of my favorite small growers, with Husband-and-wife team, Francesco and Laura de Franco being at the top of that list.  I have been following their journey for the past 4 years, and their Rosato this vintage is top notch.  It is a savory style of rosé.  Fill your table with a late summer Italian feast and you will be totally stoked.

    Moving north to Carso, I want to introduce you to the Beaujolais of Italy, a grape called Terrano.  This label may look familiar to you, as this winery’s Malvasia has made an appearance in our drop a few months ago.  Terrano is mis understood.  In the wrong hands the acids cane be a but untamed, but this is just a perfect balance of fruits and acidity.  Thanks to its high acidity this grape is a fine companion to fatty foods, classically paired with cured meats.


    Click the wines below for further details.  Happy Sipping.

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    Castelvecchio Terrano, Carso, Italy 2020
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    'A Vita Rosato (Rosé), Calabria, Italy 2021
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