Three Bottle OKS Lifestyle Drop

One Kourt Studio prides itself on finding small responsibly farmed wineries from across the globe and bringing them here to the shop.  A majority of these winemakers are going out of their way to do things the slow way, or as we say, the right way, and most certainly not the easy way. Welcome to the OKS Lifestyle.  These are the wines we drink, the wines you will find on our dinner table shared amongst friends & family.

These hard working farmers/vignerons live amongst the vines, most of them do not conform to the ideologies of social media, cell phones or emails.  They are harder to get a hold of than the Pope.  They do not use herbicides or pesticides, because they either had an epiphany or this is the way it’s been done for generations. 

So once a month, we want to drop these wines on your doorstep.  It may be a wine you have never tasted or seen before.  As wine professionals, OKS is always tasting new wines and always growing our rolodex to keep life here interesting.  Let us bring that curiosity to your door step.  So, let us help you mix it up & try something a little different than your usual, it will certainly expand your mind and excite your palate. 

Drop includes wine descriptions and pairings.